15-year Internet access: facts and figures
13:51 | 14/02/2013
VGP – Viet Nam has recently marked its Internet user number surpassing 31.1 million to become the fastest growing market in the region since it first ‘logged on’ to the Internet network in 1997.

By 2010, up to 30.65% of Vietnamese population used the Internet – meeting the preset goal of the Government in line with Decision 32/2006/QĐ-TTg (25-35% of population).

The total domestic connection bandwidth has been upgraded, catching up with the demands for high-quality services like video and online games.

Thanks to Internet boom, over 20% of Internet users started to use Internet over the last two years. The number of Internet users in the North is higher than the Central region and the South. Ha Noi has high and stable rates of Internet users.

Viet Nam is the fastest growing Internet market in the region and belongs to the highest group in the world – Source: Cimigo Netcitizens.

Source: Cimigo NetCitizens and Cimigo Express

After three years, the number of 3G users rose to 16 million, accounting for 18% of the Vietnamese population (Source: MIC)

Mobile internet is booming in Viet Nam. Around 38% of people access to the Internet through mobile phones or smart phones. (Source: Cimigo Netcitizens)

(Source: Cimigo Netcitizens)

Vietnamese spend a lot of time surfing the Internet. The youth go online every day. At weekend, people spend less time on the Internet except for the age groups of 15-24. (Source: Cimigo NetCitizens)

While accessing to the Internet, people mainly get involved in six activities including information collection, online entertainment, online contact, blog and social networks, online business and usage of online applications.

Different groups of ages have different interests. However, they show similar demands in news, email, shopping

A majority of Vietnamese people consider Internet as an important source of information provision and friend integration. About 30% of respondents regard Internet as a forum for expressing themselves – Source: Cimigo Netcitizens

The birth and development of the Internet have deeply influenced the cultural lives of Vietnamese people. The rate of gender usage is equal. Meanwhile, pupils and students are the biggest Internet group, holding 33% of the market share

(Source: NetCitizen Report)

                                                                                                                            By Huong Giang
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