Added consulting service for 25m or longer bridges under Project WB4
11:19 | 10/01/2007
VNGOVNet – Considering the proposal of the Ministry of Transport and opinions from the State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Planning and Investment, on behalf of the PM, Standing Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng assigned on January 8 the Ministry of Transport to decide in its capacity the added consulting service for supplemented bridges 25m or longer under the Road Network Upgrade Project (WB4).

The project consists of three components: Network maintenance; Network upgrade; and the road sector’s management and institutional building.

- The network maintaining program supports the periodical maintenance of about 1,100 km of national highways under three annual programs, combined with large and medium-scale repairs carried out by the Department of Road. The program also pilots the employment of maintenance contracts.

- The network upgrade program will finance three annual programs to restore and widen about 600 km of national highways in North Vietnam, including short bridges.

- The road management and institutional building program helps the Ministry of Transport build up institutional capacity for the road sector’s management and finance through provision of technical grants, equipment and training.

The US$ Project WB4 2,000 km of national highways is aimed at reducing transport costs and road traveling time in Vietnam

By Xuân Hồng

(Source: Document 121/VPCP-CN)

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