Dragon dances
19:11 | 10/02/2013
VGP – In Asian culture, dragons are considered sacred animals, which have extraordinary powers and are the symbols of luck and good omens. Dragon also represents national power and is the racial origin of people in some Asian countries.

The Vietnamese have a legend “Dragon and Fairy Descendant.” Therefore, the dragon dace has been a cultural feature of Asian countries in general and Viet Nam in particular. At present, the dragon dance is a unique type of art that interests many people.

To promote the art, the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held “Ha Noi Dragon Dance Festival 2012” at My Dinh National Stadium that drew the participation of 28 troupes with 50 dragons from districts and towns in Ha Noi.

At the festival, the troupes entertained the audiences with impressive and beautiful performances. Some of the acts were meticulously choreographed with four sacred animals, including the dragon, unicorn, turtle and phoenix that showed the artist’s talent and devotion to preserving traditional culture.

Chèn chú thích ảnh vào đây
Besides dragon dances with traditional themes, the troupes spent much time and effort researching, collecting and creating many spectacular dragon performances with the themes related to historical and legendary stories. They included “King An Duong Vuong Orders the Construction of Co Lo Citadel” performed by Dong Anh District’s troupe, “Phu Dong, Flying Dragon” by Gia Lam District’s troupe, “Two Dragons with Pearl” by Hoan Kiem District, and “Changing the Direction of the Flying Dragon” by Chuong My’s troupe. However, the most outstanding performance belonged to Thanh Oai District’s troupe. Its dragon was 100m long and controlled by 100 people whose movements had to be harmoniously combined to create a powerful and lissome dragon.

The festival was a community cultural event of great significance that not only provided people an opportunity to enjoy the traditional and folk art, but also contributed to preserving national cultural values and promoting the pride of Hanoians.

By Tran Thanh Giang-Cong Dat

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