Fresh policies come into effect from November
12:45 | 02/11/2020

VGP – A string of fresh policies on early childhood education development policies, financial support for pedagogy students, sanctions on administrative violations in health sector shall come into effect from November.

Policies on preschool education development

Decree No. 105/2020/ND-CP dated September 8, 2020 providing for preschool education development policies mentioned in Clauses 1 and 2 of Article 27 and Clause 2 of Article 81 of the Law on Education.

Under the Decree, central and local authorities shall increase funding in consolidating classrooms, particularly in communes with extremely disadvantaged conditions.

The Government encourages authorities to attract private resources for investment in preschool facilities in accordance with law.

State budget shall contribute to meal preparation for students of public preschool institutions located in communes with exceptional socio-economic difficulties, in coastal communes with exceptional difficulties, on islands and in communes in disadvantaged areas.

Funding contributed to preparation of meals for preschool children shall be calculated based on number of children having lunch at school, with the minimum rate being VND 2.400.000 for 45 children in one month

Financial support for students learning in pedagogy

Decree No. 116/2020/ND-CP, dated September 25, 2020 regulating tuition support and living allowances granted to pedagogy students shall come into effect from November 15, 2020.

Under the Decree, a pedagogy student shall receive VND 3.63 million (US$ 150) per month to spend on living and studying.

Administrative sanctions in health sector

Decree No. 117/2020/ND-CP dated September 28, 2020 on sanctioning of administrative violations in health sector shall take effect from November 15.

Accordingly, a person who provides inaccurate information on the infectious disease according to the content provided by a competent health agency shall be fined from VND 10 million to VND 15 million, and forced to correct untruthful information on mass media in the area previously reported for 03 consecutive days as prescribed by law.

Besides, a person suffering from group-A infectious diseases who refuses or avoids to take medical isolation and enforcement of medical isolation decided by competent state agencies shall also be fined up to VND 20 million.

In addition, a fine of up to VND 20 million and VND 5 million shall be imposed for the act of threatening to transmit HIV to another person, and displaying more than one pack, one carton or box of one cigarette brand at a cigarette retail agent or store, respectively. An under-18 person drinking liquor or beer, or smoke cigarettes shall be fined up to VND 500,000, etc.

 By Khanh Phuong

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