Cao Bằng strives to be a fairly developed province by 2020 02:30 | 23/12/2006
VNGOVNet – This is a target set in Decision 282/2006/QĐ-TTg dated on December 20 by the Prime Minister approving the Overall Planning Scheme on Socio-economic Development of Cao Bằng Province in the period 2006-2020.
Ethnic Đan Lai in Nghệ An Prov. to enjoy development 08:41 | 22/12/2006
VNGOVNet – The PM has made Decision 280/2006/QĐ-TTg approving the Project "Sustainable Maintenance and Development of Đan Lai Ethnic Group Residing in the Core of the Pù Mát National Park, Con Cuông District, Nghệ An Province". Accordingly, the Project is aimed at improving the living conditions and socio-economic development for the maintenance and development of this ethnic minority group in combination with maintaining border security.
Minister of Education and Training entrusted to approve French University Centers project 09:53 | 21/12/2006
VNGOVNet – On behalf of the PM, Standing Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng gave his directions on the implementation of the Project “French University Centers” and the financial agreement for it.
National History Museum to become “data bank” on history, cultural heritages and museology 08:51 | 21/12/2006
VNGOVNet – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng signed on December 19 Decision 281/2006/QĐ-TTg approving the Plan to build the National Museum of History (NMH).
Collateral exempted for credit to Hydroelectric Project Sekaman 3 07:48 | 21/12/2006
VNGOVNet – The PM permitted on December 19 to exempt collateral for State credit taken out by the Sekaman 3 Hydroelectric Plant project.
HCMC benefits from French Agency for Development aid 13:45 | 20/12/2006
VNGOVNet – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng agreed with the Hồ Chí Minh City People’s Committee to carry out the technical assistance project "Capacity improvement for HIFU and project managers" with nonrefundable aid of €1.5 million from the French Agency for Development (AFD).
British MAG permitted to continue with mine clearance in Quảng Bình Prov. 13:25 | 20/12/2006
VNGOVNet – On December 18, PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng approved the second-year aid worth US$ 1,251,123 for the Project "Detecting and clearing bombs and explosives in Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam, Stage II" from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), part of which will be used to import two 13-seat Toyota Landcruisers.
VN-Belgium Agreement on access to syndicate credits and business support services approved 09:35 | 20/12/2006
VNGOVNet – On the proposal of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), the PM approved on December 18 the Agreement between the Governments of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Kingdom of Belgium on the Project "Access to syndicate credits and business support services" with the implementer being the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU).
Technical assistance grant and agreement to control and remove PCB in electric systems approved 08:37 | 20/12/2006
VNGOVNet – On behalf of the PM, Deputy PM Phạm Gia Khiêm approved on December 18 the Technical Assistance Grant and the Agreement for the Project "Environmentally Sound Management and Decontamination of PCB in Electrical Systems – a Pilot Project for PCB Elimination in Vietnam (PCB-MEPV)" funded by the Government of the Swiss Confederation with a nonrefundable aid of US$ 625,231.
Credit agreements approved for waste and drainage treatment in Hà Nam Prov. 07:43 | 20/12/2006
VNGOVNet – On the proposal of the Ministry of Finance (MoF), PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng approved on December 18 the Credit Agreements and borrowing conditions of the Projects "Hà Nam Waste Disposal Plant" and "Sewage Draining and Treating Systems in Phủ Lý Town, Hà Nam Province" with the fund from the Belgian Fortis Bank.