Review of first-four-month foreign investment in 2018 12:32 | 03/05/2018
VGP - Foreign investment inflow decreased by 23.9% but disbursed volume increased to US$5.1 billion from US$4.8 billion of the same period last year.
Key socio-economic indicators in first four months 18:32 | 01/05/2018
VGP - Key indicators of the Vietnamese economy continued improvements in the first four months this year but foreign investment inflows decreased by 23.9% against the same period last year, according to official data.
Overview of foreign investment inflows in CLMV countries in 2015-2016 13:30 | 30/03/2018
VGP- The Republic of Korea was the biggest foreign investor and manufacturing was the top magnet for foreign investment in Viet Nam over the reviewed period.
Overview of business establishment in first quarter of 2018 16:15 | 27/03/2018
VGP - In the reviewed period, there were 26,785 newly-established enterprises with total registered capital of VND 278,489 billion, up 1.2% and 2.7% in terms of number of enterprises and investment capital, respectively.
Infographic: World's leaders visit Viet Nam in 2017 08:55 | 30/12/2017
VGP - A part from the leaders who arrived in Viet Nam for the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' meeting in Da Nang, the country welcomed 16 State/official visits of foreign leaders in 2017.
Infographic: Socio-economic performance in 2017 17:56 | 28/12/2017

VGP - For the first time in many years, Viet Nam is poised to realize all 13 goals set out by the National Assembly. The GDP growth of 6.81% and new record of foreign arrivals of 12.9 million are among remarkable signals of the economy this year.

Infographic: How VN has changed since APEC 2006 16:00 | 03/11/2017
VGP – Viet Nam's GDP size has almost tripled and the country has expanded economic and trade ties with more than 200 countries and territories across the world since it hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) for the first time in 2006.
Infographic: Quick look at VN economy between 2010-2017 08:28 | 30/10/2017
VGP - The national economy expanded at around 6% on average and maintained stable increases in foreign investment inflows, foreign arrivals, and export revenues between 2010-2017.
Infographic: Long Thanh International Airport 14:12 | 27/10/2017
VGP — Construction of the Long Thanh International Airport will start in 2019 and the first out of three phases will complete in 2025.