Review of COVID-19 fight in Viet Nam since March 23 14:52 | 11/04/2020
VGP - Stepping up measures to contain spread of the virus and rallying international efforts in responding to the pandemic are among promient features of Viet Nam's fight against COVID-19 over the past days.
COVID-19 update in Viet Nam (March 17) 18:16 | 17/03/2020
VGP - Viet Nam has reported 66 infection cases, of whom 16 had been discharged from hospitals while the rest have been confirmed over the last 12 days.
Infographics: Gov't latest responses to COVID-19 pandemic 15:30 | 15/03/2020

VGP - Here is the brief summary of the Government's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading swiftly to 148 countries and territories around the world with at least 157,233 infection cases and 5,833 fatalities as of Sunday afternoon.

Latest update on Gov't responses to COVID-19 epidemic 21:11 | 04/03/2020
VGP - The following is quick summary of the measures taken by the Vietnamese Government in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, which is spreading fast across the world with infections and death toll rising to 93,258 and 3,203, respectively as of Wednesday afternoon.
Infographics: How economy performs in first two months amid COVID-19 epidemic 13:01 | 29/02/2020
VGP - The socio-economic performance in first two months features with slightly increase of trade and foreign arrivals as well as industrial production shrinkage and significant decrease of foreign investment inflow, official data shows.
Latest update on COVID-19 combat in Viet Nam 16:02 | 16/02/2020
VGP - The Government has taken drastic measures to contain spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19 ) epidemic while actively exploring solutions to mitigate negative impacts of the epidemic on the economy.
Infographics: Covid-2019 update 07:37 | 12/02/2020
VGP - Viet Nam has confirmed 15 Covid-19 infection cases in four provinces and city, in which Vinh Phuc has been hit hardest by the new virus.
Infographics: nCoV outbreak and Viet Nam's responses 17:34 | 06/02/2020
VGP - Viet Nam has actively taken drastic measures to contain spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic which has claimed 565 lives and sickened 28,334 others in 27 countries and territories as of 4:00pm on Thursday.
Infographics: Quick look at ASEAN's Dialogue Partners 13:30 | 07/01/2020
VGP - ASEAN has established dialogue partners with 14 countries and the European Union, in which Australia became the very first dialogue partner of ASEAN in 1974.
Infographics: Highlights of socio-economic performance in 2019 18:50 | 27/12/2019
VGP - The Vietnamese economy continued with positive trajectory in 2019, featuring with high growth rates of export and foreign arrivals.