Inforgraphics: Socio-economic performance in January 2019 18:30 | 29/01/2019
VGP - Viet Nam's industrial production expanded 7.9% while export turnover dipped by 1.3% in January, 2019, according to official data released by the General Statistics Office.
Top 10 export products in 2018 15:13 | 24/01/2019
VGP - Viet Nam's export values increased by 13.2% to US$ 243.48 billion, of which the following top 10 export products accounted for more nearly two third of the total figure.
Inforgraphics: Major human and financial goals through 2045 08:32 | 20/01/2019
VGP - The Politburo has released a resolution figuring out a number of human and financial goals, including human development index, foreign debt, and national reserve ratios, from now to 2045.
Infographics: Remarkable FDI inflows attributed to open trade policy 21:22 | 14/01/2019
VGP - The significant improvement of the economy and remarkable foreign investment inflows into Viet Nam partly came as a result of the country's consistent open trade policy.
Viet Nam's economic growth since 1994 10:10 | 03/01/2019
VGP - Within the reviewed period, the highest growth rate was recorded in 1995 while the lowest growth rate was 4.8% in 1999.
Infographics: Figures show how VN has improved 15:40 | 02/01/2019
VGP - Private sector's investment capital accounts for 43.3% of Viet Nam's total social investment capital in 2018, reflecting the growing role of the private economy.
Infographics: Foreign arrivals to VN set new record 19:24 | 28/12/2018
VGP - The number of foreign arrivals to Viet Nam set new record of 15.5 million in 2018, according to the General Statistics Office.
Infographics: Key economic indicators in 2018, GDP growth highest since 2011 17:05 | 27/12/2018

VGP - Vietnamese economy continued upward trend in 2018, expanding 7.08% compared to the Government's preset goal of 6.7% and this is the highest growth rate since 2011.

VGP - No miracle for Malaysia at the National My Dinh Stadium, Viet Nam defeated the opponents 3-2 on aggregate to win 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup trophy after decade-long wait.
Infographics: Reform policy and major outcomes 15:51 | 14/12/2018
VGP - Since the introduction of reform policy in 1986, Viet Nam gained significant achievements in various fields, especially in terms of economic growth and diplomatic relations.