National sovereignty is inviolable, Gov't official affirms
13:35 | 07/06/2014

VGP – Viet Nam will never sacrifice its independence, sovereignty for anything and the country will stand firm in the face of any threat or imposition.

On the occasion of the World Ocens Day (June 8), and the Viet Nam Sea and Island Week 2014, Deputy PM Hoang Trung Hai on June 7 delivered the following speech.

Delegates, distinguished guests,

Compatriots, comrades,

Today, we are glad to be here at the national meeting to celebrate the World Oceans Day (June 8) and the Viet Nam Sea and Island Week 2014. On behalf of the Government, I would like to extend dear greetings and best wishes to you all.

Distinguished guests

The year 2014 is the 6th consecutive year the Viet Nam Sea and Island Week has been organized. This is the annual national-level event which reflects our care, honor for great values of the sea and oceans to our and mankind's life, peace, happiness and prosperity.

The 2014 Viet Nam Sea and Island Week is organized in Hai Phong – the heroic port city. I appreciate the close coordination of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Hai Phong city and relevant agencies in organizing various activities to mark the World Oceans Day and the Viet Nam Sea and Island Week.

Themed “Joining hands to protect the green ocean”, the 2014 Viet Nam Sea and Island Week takes place in the context that peace, stability, security, safety and freedom of navigation in the East Sea – the common concern of the country, the region and the world, have been under serious threat. On the occasion, I, on behalf of the Government, request that we continue to affirm, strictly and fruitfully implement the following important tasks:

1. Territorial and sovereignty protection is the sacred task

The past thousands of years have gone, generations of the Vietnamese people have shed manpower and blood to develop, preserve and protect the sacred territory, waters and islands of the Vietnamese Fatherland. Today, the responsibility is continuously taken by our generation.

Over the past days, the situation in the East Sea has been complicated due to China’s wrongful, perverse acts of illegally installing the drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 escorted by protection forces, including jet fighters and warships in Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf that are challenging morality and international law. China has repeatedly taken provocative, aggressive actions, attacking Vietnamese law enforcement vessels and even singking a Vietnamese fishing boat that was operating normally in Viet Nam’s waters. Such actions by China seriously violated Viet Nam’s territorial sovereignty, as well as international law, including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC) to which China is a signatory. China’s perverse actions have been strongly condemned by not only Viet Nam but also many other countries, organizations and individuals.

On the occasion, on behalf of the Government of Viet Nam, I would like to extend sincere thanks to and hope for continued support from peace-loving organizations, individuals and countries for Viet Nam’s cause to protect its sea and island sovereignty in accordance with international law.

Distinguished delegates,

Compatriots, comrades,

For each of the Vietnamese people, national independence and sovereignty is sacred and inviolable. As Viet Nam has suffered ontold losses and pains from invasive wars, we are always earnest for peace and sincerely exercise utmost restraint and do our best to maintain peace and friendship with China and other countries for national development. However, we are also determined to protect our territory and sovereignty. We stick to peaceful measures and resolution of issues related to sea and island sovereignty on the basis of international law. It is peace and friendship that Viet Nam wishes for but they must be achieved on the basis of ensuring independence and sovereignty. With the national pride and dignity, we do not accept the trading of independence and sovereignty for anything or any form of threat and imposition.

Over the past time, the Vietnamese fisheries surveillace and coast guard forces, competriots and fishermen who have held high the national heroic and undaunted tradition to stay firm in the frontline to protect the sacred sea and island sovereignty of the Fatherland. Our Party, State and people have always treasure, honour their contributions and sacrifices while adopting a string of policies to support them. 

At this important event, Viet Nam once again demands China respect the former’s sovereignty in line with the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea; strictly implement the DOC signed between ASEAN and China, the Agreement on basic principles guiding the settment of sea-related issues between Viet Nam and China as well as other agreements reached between the two coutries’ leaders; respect Viet Nam’s sovereignty; ensure peace, stability, security, safety and freedom of navigation and aviation in the East Sea. Viet Nam demands China immediately and unconditionally withdraw the oil rig from Viet Nam’s waters and settle disputes through peaceful measures and dialogues with respect for the principles of international law.

2. General and unified State management over sea and islands

Compatriots, comrades,

Along with firmlu defending the national territorial sovereignty, peace and stability in the East Sea, we need to better the management, explotation and use of marine resources in support of the national development. I would like to stress on the following:

First of all, focus on drafting legal documents guilding the implementation of the Viet Nam Maritime Code; realizing the Strategy for sustainable exploitation and use of marine resources and protection of the marine environment, the Government’s Decree regulating the allocation of certain maritime areas to organizations and individuals for the exploitation and use of marine resources; quickly finalizing the composition of the Law on marine and island environment and resources as well as related by-law documents.

Secondly, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment coordiantes with relevant ministries, agencies and localities to improve State management institutions on sea and islands, with special focus on enhancing the capacity of State agencies which are in charge of general and unified management of maritime resources and environment. The Minstry mulls over the formulation of a strong force responsible for supervising marine resources and environment to collaborate with the law enforcement forces to protect local fishermen, other forces engaging in sea-borne economic activities as well as foreign nationals and organizations conducting legally exploitation activities and travel in Viet Nam’s sea and islands. At the same time, the Government will continue to supplement preferential policies to support fishermen, contributing to the protection of the country’s maritime sovereignty.

Thirdly, actively mull over and adopt solutions to cope with climate change and sea level rise. Steer resources to the development of marine science and technology so as to make it the real impetus for maritime economic development; enhance the application of marine science and technology, particularly in marine investigation, study and forecast works, including natural factors, resources, and marine environment towards sustainable development. Focus on figuring out the priority roadmap for the National Strategy for marine science and technology while expanding international cooperation in marine environment and ecosystem protection; mobilizing all resources for and further engaging the whole society in the protection of marine resources and environment.

Fourth, ministries, agencies, sectors, socio-political and professional organizations, localities enhance information supply to the international community; continue to speed up information dissemination and education to improve the public sense of protecting marine resources and environment; translate the awareness into specific and practical actions at all levels, sectors, organizations, enterprises and each individual in protecting, managing, exploiting, using and developing marine resources and environment in sustainable manner.

The 21st century is the century of oceans, Viet Nam – a coastal country will ceaselessly works toward to become a nation “wealthy from the sea and strong from the sea.”

Distinguished guests, compatriots and comrades,

On the occasion of the World Oceans Day and the Viet Nam Sea and Island Week 2014, I once again emphasize: Viet Nam upholds the spriti of national independence and self-reliance while attaching importance to the solidarity and all-around cooperation with peace-loving organizations, countries; resolutely employ all measures in accordance with international law to defend its legitimate territory and sea and island sovereignty.

May the Viet Nam Sea and Island Week 2014 and the World Ocens Day be a great success.

May you all be of good health, happiness and success.

Thank you very much!



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