Population exceeds 90 million
20:06 | 17/12/2014
VGP - The General Statistics Office has announced that Viet Nam’s population reached 90,493,352, ranking 13th in the world and third in Southeast Asia.
After five years, the population rose by 4,646,355, an annual average increase of 929,271. 
The average population growth was 1.06% per year in the 2009-2014 period over 1.2% per year of the 1999-2009 period.
The total fertility rate was 2.09 births per woman. This is the lowest population growth period over the past 35 years.
However, the male to female ratio at birth was alarming at 1.12, higher than 1.1 in 2009 and the normal ratio of 1.04-1.06.
Notably, the ratio reached 1.13 in rural areas and 1.1 in urban areas.
This shows that the desire, pressure of bearing sons and access to modern sex selection services of women in rural areas have increased, making the gender imbalance more serious with an alert for more men than women in the future.
The average life expectancy of Vietnamese people was 73.2 years, with 70.6 years for males and 76 years for females.
With the dependent population of 44% and the over-65 population of 7.1%, Viet Nam is still experiencing a "golden population structure".
By Vien Nhu
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