How to set up a joint venture in VN 08:41 | 19/04/2010
VGP – Foreign enterprises have to obey regulations on legal capital and other spheres of business if they want to establish a joint venture with Vietnamese partners.
Regulation on tax and revenue for joint ventures 07:36 | 16/04/2010
VGP – According to Việt Nam’s laws, joint ventures have to pay corporate revenue tax and can transfer part of their profits abroad.
How foreign organizations to purchase apartments in VN 15:15 | 10/03/2010
VGP – Foreign-invested companies which are doing business in Việt Nam under the Law on Investment but not engage in real estate business are eligible to purchase apartments for their staff.
Guidelines on sending gold into VN 08:32 | 22/02/2010
VGP – Under Vietnamese laws, Vietnamese and foreign individuals cannot send gold abroad and receive gold from abroad as gifts or presents by post, air or sea.
Conditions of repatriation and exit for overseas Vietnamese 10:45 | 02/02/2010
VGP – Overseas Vietnamese who hold foreign passports can apply for new visas to go abroad after they repatriate to Việt Nam.
Procedures on child adoption 08:12 | 18/01/2010
VGP – Under Vietnamese laws, child adoption can be carried out only in the spirit of humanitarianism, to ensure best interests and fundamental rights of children.
Residence and income tax requirements for foreigners 09:57 | 08/01/2010

VGP – Foreigners, wishing to permanently live in Việt Nam, are obliged to register and obtain permanent residence cards issued by Vietnamese competent authorities.    

No visa required for Russian citizens 08:14 | 31/12/2009

VGP – Ms. Elena Koryakina can enter Việt Nam with her Russian official or ordinary passport, without applying for a visa if she stays here in less than 15 days.  

Foreigners’ entrance into VN facilitated 08:29 | 04/12/2009

VGP – The Vietnamese Government does not ban or issue no legal document to ban the entry of foreigners.

How to bring foreigner’s bone-ash out of VN 08:00 | 27/11/2009

VGP – If a foreigner wants to bring his relatives’ bone-ash out of Việt Nam’s territory, he has to ask Vietnamese competent agencies for permission and help.