Overseas Vietnamese entitled to own and use lands by inheritance 08:00 | 15/09/2008
VGP - Overseas Vietnamese individuals/households can have full right over the lands given by their parents in Việt Nam in line with Item 6, Article 113 of the Land Law 2003 and Article 103 of Decree 181/2004/NĐ-CP dated on October 29, 2004 on the implementation of the Land Law.
Foreign workers not obliged to buy health and social insurance 14:48 | 10/09/2008
VGP - Foreigners working in Việt Nam under labor contracts are not compulsorily subjected to health and social insurance, according to Việt Nam's laws.
Tax policies for overseas Vietnamese’s moveable property 09:02 | 10/09/2008
VGP - All the property, including domestic utensils, belongings, and household devices of overseas Vietnamese individuals and their families, which is brought into Việt Nam when their owners are permitted to go back and reside permanently in Việt Nam, or brought out of Việt Nam when the owners are permitted to settle in other countries, is exempted from taxation.
Regulations for overseas Vietnamese to regain house in VN 10:30 | 08/09/2008
VGP - Overseas Vietnamese people can take back their own houses or/and lands in Việt Nam if their houses are being rented; being borrowed; or being managed by proxy between the owner and the authorized individuals.
Procedures for marriages between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners 09:15 | 07/09/2008
VGP - Some provisions on marriage and family relations involving foreign elements as stipulated in Việt Nam's Law on Marriage and Family.
How to import vehicles for foreigners working in VN 08:40 | 27/08/2008
VGP - The Ministry of Finance (MoF) answered the questions about the procedures to import vehicles for foreigners who are working in Việt Nam.
Vietnamese State always pays attention to protecting its citizens 14:00 | 10/07/2008
VNGOP – The Vietnamese State always attaches special attention to the work for Vietnamese citizens abroad, acknowledging it the responsibility and obligation of a regime to its citizens.
Procedures required for overseas Vietnamese to be identified as Vietnamese nationality 07:15 | 21/06/2008
VNGOP – Ms Eva Tran whose parents were born in Việt Nam and currently have Australian nationality wants to know whether their parents can acquire Vietnamese citizenship while still bearing Australian nationality? If they can, how long does it take them to follow the administrative procedures?
MARD introduces rice, black beans and powdered milk-exporting firms 15:04 | 19/06/2008
VNGOP – At the request of MrRafael F.Restrepo (Venezuela) who is seeking information about Vietnam-exporting firms of rice, black beans and powdered milk for import in Venezuela, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) introduced some enterprises:
MIT introduces Vietnamese tire exporters 07:11 | 03/06/2008
VNGOP- The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) has just presented some Vietnamese tire producing enterprises to Vasu Groups, an Indian tire importer.