Working overtime 06:44 | 10/04/2020

VGP - The Labor Code 2019 increases the number of overtime working hours for employees which does not exceed 40 hours/month instead of 30 hours/month as stipulated by the Labor Code 2012.

Age of retirement 06:42 | 07/04/2020

VGP - The age of retirement for employees in normal working conditions is adjusted according to the roadmap until they reach 62 years of age for the male employees by 2028 and 60 years for the female employees by 2035.

Infographic: COVID-19 prevention tips 10:02 | 25/03/2020

VGP - The Ministry of Health has recently issued tips for people to protect themselves from COVID-19 pandemic.

Termination of labor contracts 10:05 | 18/03/2020
VGP – Under the Labor Code 2019, labor contracts would be automatically terminated in three cases.
Unilateral termination of labor contracts by the employees 09:38 | 18/03/2020

VGP – Employees are allowed to unilaterally terminate labor contracts but have to provide reasons for terminating the labor contracts. 

Declaring false medical information may be subjected to criminal handling 10:00 | 12/03/2020

VGP – Medical registration avoidance and failure to truthfully report health status shall be subjected to imprisonment.

Forms of labor contracts 14:30 | 21/02/2020
VGP - Code 2019 added a new electronic form of labor contract in addition to written and verbal forms.
Types of labor contracts 10:55 | 20/02/2020

VGP - Labor contracts include two types: (i) indefinite term labor contracts; and (ii) definite term labor contracts with a duration not exceeding 36 months.

Foreign debt payment in business mergers 08:42 | 31/10/2019

VGP - If there is any change to contents relating to loans referred to in the confirmation of foreign loan registration given by the State Bank, the borrower shall be responsible for making registration for changes of his foreign loan with the State Bank.

Guidelines on reception of non-governmental aid 11:53 | 23/10/2019

VGP - Donors include foreign non-governmental organizations and other foreign organizations and individuals, including foreign-invested groups and companies and overseas Vietnamese community that respect and observe Vietnamese law and have goodwill and directly provide non-refundable aid to support Viet Nam’s socio-economic development and humanitarian objectives.