Investors have rights to claim, accuse and proceed against law breaker 12:34 | 08/05/2008
VNGOP - All investors have rights to appeal, accuse and proceed against any individuals and organizations who break the Law on Investment.
Foreigner’s Vietnamese spouse can retain foreign surname after divorcement 12:22 | 08/05/2008
VNGOP - After divorcing without changing their surname, Vietnamese citizens who get married to Germans can retain their foreign surname.
Stateless residents in VN able to acquire Vietnamese citizenship 12:17 | 08/05/2008
VNGOP - Stateless persons residing permanently in Việt Nam can be granted with Vietnamese citizenship.
How to transfer foreign currencies for direct investment abroad 12:10 | 08/05/2008
VNGOP- The State Bank of Việt Nam gives some instructions for the transfer of foreign currencies for direct investment activities abroad.