VN targets 6.5% GDP growth in 2010 16:42 | 01/04/2010
VGP – Việt Nam will focus on mobilizing its internal resources, maintaining its macro-economic stability, restraining high inflation and thriving for a growth pace of 6.5% this year, stated PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng at the Government’s regular meeting of March 2010.
SOEs must play key role in economic development, Gov’t leaders say 15:10 | 10/03/2010

VGP – State-owned corporations and groups must strive to grow beyond 10% this year to lead the national economy out of crisis, stressed PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng.

Vietnamese business hailed for their role in integration 17:04 | 06/03/2010
VGP – The Vietnamese business community in general and female entrepreneurs in particular have well played the role as pioneers in socio-economic development and international integration, stated Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng.
Gov’t pushes on inflation control 08:05 | 06/03/2010
VGP – The PM today signed a document requiring all business organizations and individuals to strictly observe price regulations and take measures to narrow trade gap.
Gov’t continues to place importance on macro-economic stability 17:18 | 03/03/2010
VGP – In the next months, the main socio-economic development targets are still to maintain macro-economic stability, curb inflation, stabilize prices, and guarantee social security.
Gov’t to expand beneficiaries of social patronage 09:00 | 01/03/2010
VGP – Since April 13, 2010, the Government will increase the number of beneficiaries of social patronage and raise 50% of social subsidies in an attempt to secure social equality.   
More incentives for women’s vocational training 08:28 | 01/03/2010
VGP – Under a newly-approved project, the State pledges to provide assistance to female laborers in vocational training and job generation in the period of 2010-2015.  
Gov’t resolves to rein in inflationary factors 16:17 | 27/02/2010
VGP – To cope with the post-Tết price escalation, the PM ordered ministries, sectors and local authorities to promptly take some measures to curb inflationary elements.
Electricity prices go up 6.8% next month 14:37 | 26/02/2010
VGP – The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) on February 26 officially announced a new table of retail prices of electricity, applicable since March 1. 
Finance Minister: Fiscal policies continue to smooth development 10:14 | 16/02/2010
VGP – In 2009, while facing big challenges, the finance sector made great efforts to help secure macro-economic stability and back investments for development.