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Common family activities during Tet
VGP - In Viet Nam, Tet is a special event in a way it brings together all family members to enjoy a wide range of celebratory activities.

Below are the top five most preferable Tet activities Vietnamese people often do with family.

Firework display to announce the arrival of a New Year is a yearly event expected by many Vietnamese. The show of light on the sky at tourist attractions of such big cities as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue or Da Nang, charms a huge crowd of viewers.

The sparkling art show in combination with the booming echoes of every shot makes people’s hearts beating faster and becoming more exciting to welcome the New Year.

2. Family parties

Parties with full of delicious traditional dishes are the main theme for the whole holiday of Tet.

In the last day of the old year, family members together enjoy “Tất Niên” Meal (the last meal of a lunar year) during which they share all the good and bad things they experienced in the last year.

A party may begin when some relatives or friends come to visit the host’s home at any time since foods and drink are stored at their fullest level during Tet.

3. New Year’s greetings

From the first day of the new year, people start going around and greet their relatives and friends with the best wishes.

This custom is not simply an exchange of wishes between guests and hosts, it is a chance for a family reunion or a gathering of friends to be made after working hard all the past year round.

4. Lucky money for children

This tradition is undoubtedly the most awaited activity of all Vietnamese children during Tet. Apart from making children feel happy, the custom also educates them the value of money and how to save money for good purpose. “Li xi” tradition has been preserved until today. A red envelope with some new notes carries Vietnamese’ hope for children to “eat more, grow rapidly”, to study well and to have a delightful year ahead

5. Visiting pagoda

Visiting pagodas is a time-honoured custom of Vietnamese people when the New Year arrives. In Viet Nam, the custom is described as “Lễ Chùa” – in which “lễ” means not only visiting but also showing respect in all sincerity to the Buddha and the Gods of the pagodas or temples.
People go to pagodas and temples to pray for a happy new year while showing their respect and appreciation to the Buddha and the Gods who have been protecting them and realising their wishes./.

                                                                                                                      By Vien Nhu

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