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Key socio-economic indicators reviewed (Part 1)
VGP – The positive socio-economic performance in 2013 marked hallmarks in GDP growth rates, IPI, business operation, total retail sales, FDI attraction, trade and CPI.

The growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated at 5.42%, lower than the preset goal of 5.5% but higher than the rate of 5.25% in 2012. The higher GDP showed the economic recovery – Source: The General Statistics Office

In 2013, the agro-forestry and fishery sector expanded by 2.67%; the industry and construction sector 5.43% and service 6.56%. The agro-forestry and fishery sector accounted for 18.4% of total GDP; industry and construction sector 38.3% and service sector 43.3% - Source: The General Statistics Office

In 2013, industrial production index (IPI) picked up 5.9% against last year of which IPI in Q1 expanded by 5%; Q2 5.5%; Q3 5.4% and Q4 8% – Source: The General Statistics Office

Source: The General Statistics Office

Source: The General Statistics Office

In 2013, 76955 enterprises were established, up 10.1% against last year with total registered capital of VND 398.7 trillion. Meanwhile, 60737 enterprises faced with difficulties, representing year-on-year increase of 11.9% of which 9818 were dissolved (up 4.9%); 10803 temporally suspended operation (up 35.7%); and 40116 stopped operation without registration – Source: The General Statistics Office

As of late 2013, out of 3135 State-owned enterprises, there were 405 agro-forestry and fishery businesses, accounting for 12.9%; 1401 industry and construction enterprises (44.7%) and 1329 service businesses (42.4%) – Source: The General Statistics Office

The total retail sale of goods and service was estimated at VND 2618 trillion, up 12.6% against 2012 and posting the record low over the last four years. The non-state sector held the largest proportion of total retail sales (89.7%); followed by the state-owned sector (9.9%) and FDI sector (3.4%) – Source: The General Statistics Office

In 2013, the number of international foreign arrivals was over 7.5 million, up 10.6% against last year. Over 4.6 million foreigners travelled to Viet Nam for tourism (up 12.2%); more than 1.26 million for business (up 8.7%) and around 1.25 million for visiting relatives (up 9.4%).  China had the biggest number of visitors to Viet Nam in 2013 with over 1.9 million, up 35% against last year – Source: The General Statistics Office

Total social investment amounted to VND 1091.1 trillion, up 8% against last year and representing 30.4% of GDP. Disbursed social investment of State-owned sector valued VND 440.5 trillion, accounting for 40.4% of total figure; followed by non-state sector with VND 410.5 trillion or 37.6% and FDI sector with VND 240.1 trillion or 22% – Source: The General Statistics Office

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