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Strong message from Viet Nam's Hoang Sa
VGP – Defending the national sovereignty requires sacrifices but it is the fine tradition of Vietnamese people that has been consolidated throughout the history.

Two Chinese ships are blocking a Vietnamese vessel - Photo: VGP/Xuan Hong

Over the past month, the Vietnamese law enforcement forces have maintained their presence at the location where China illegally placed the oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 in order to send a strong message that Viet Nam is determined to defend the sacred sovereignty over its islands and waters.

Our correspondent, Xuan Hong, reporting from the scene said that every day, Vietnamese law enforcement forces delivered the announcement in three languages, namely Vietnamese, Chinese and English to affirm that this is the Viet Nam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone in accordance with the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and demand China to immediately stop all illegal acts and withdraw from Viet Nam’s waters.

Chinese ship is firing water cannon at a Vietnamese vessel right in Viet Nam's waters - Photo: VGP/Xuan Hong

Every day, the Vietnamese law enforcement forces had to face with perverse and brazenly acts of Chinese ships, Xuan Hong reported.

China’s provocative acts right within Viet Nam’s waters aim to turn an undisputed area into disputed area regardless of international community’s growing protest.

Xuan Hong said that China even deployed as many as 140 ships of all kinds, including military ones to guard the illegally-installed rig.

The Chinese ships have been divided in many groups and arranged in different layers to prevent Vietnamese vessels from heading to the illegally-placed oil rig. As a Vietnamese law enforcement vessel tried to enter as near as possible to the illicit rig, Chinese side mobilized at least two bigger ships to block and intimidate or even fire water cannons at the local vessels, our correspondent said.

Chinese ship and plane - Photo: Xuan Hong

Chinese ships have always used the tactics of ensnaring Vietnamese vessels in order to encourage the local vessels to create crashes so that China can trumpet they are the victims. Is this the behavior of a big country, a member of the United Nations Security Council?

China even dispatched planes flying right above Vietnamese law enforcement vessels to intimidate and threaten them.

The more provocative and perverse China is, the more Vietnamese law enforcement forces stick to peaceful measures, noted our correspondent.

Many officials of the Vietnamese law enforcement forces have not communicated with their families over the past month for the common task of protecting the national sovereignty.

Some were injured when Chinese ships attacked and fired water cannons at the Vietnamese vessels but it seems that nothing can stop their patriotism,  Xuan Hong reported.

The the optimistic, gentle and righteous smile of Viet Nam - Photo: Xuan Hong

Their belief is so strong as the whole nation love them and treasure their sacrifices.

Manabu Sasaki, aged 41, correspondent of Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper, who is now on board with Xuan Hong noted that he is impressive with the utmost restraint of the Vietnamese vessels. He told Xuan Hong that he loves the optimistic, gentle and righteous smiles of Vietnamese Coast Guard soldiers. It is so proud of Viet Nam./.

By Hai Minh


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