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Subjects not allowed to work for foreign organizations

VGP – The Government has issued a Decree which stipulates subjects who shall not be allowed to work for foreign individuals and organizations in Viet Nam.

Firstly, officers, professional military personnel, non-commissioned officers, cadets, workers, public employees and civil servants of the Viet Nam People’s Army.

Other subjects includes professional officers and on-commissioned officers, technical officers and non-commissioned officers, students, workers, civil servants and public employees of the People’s Public Security Forces.

Secondly, cadres and civil servants defined in the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants.

Thirdly, people who work in the fields related to the States secrets.

Fourthly, his spouse or her husband performs works related to State secrets.

Fifthly, those disciplined for revealing the secrets of the State and national security.

Sixthly, persons who are being examined for penal liability/executing the courts’ criminal judgments, or persons whose criminal records have not been remitted, or persons who are banned from practicing certain occupations in accordance with criminal legislation.

According to the Decree, foreign organizations in Viet Nam are agencies/organizations operating in the country under the permission of Viet Nam’s competent agencies.

The Decree is scheduled to take effect since September 15, 2014./.

By Huong Giang

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