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VN’s statement at UN General Assembly high-level meeting

VGP – The following is the full statement by Deputy PM, FM Pham Binh Minh at the high-level meeting of the General Assembly to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Declaration on the right to development.

 (New York, 22/09/2016)

Mr. President,

Since its inception, the Declaration on the Right to Development has been the inspiration for many important international development frameworks, particularly the historic 2030 Agenda, Addis Ababa Action Agenda and Paris Agreement that we adopted last year. Looking back over the past 30 years, we acknowledge the progresses countries around the world have achieved, but must also be aware of unsolved obstacles to development and the right to development for the peoples in many parts of the world.

The principles in the Declaration are still relevant today, highlighting the right to development as an inalienable human right that is applicable to all people and is not bracketed to any group of countries. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, religion and ethnicity, is entitled to participate in development and enjoy the fruits of development. In a broader perspective, every country, big or small, is entitled to choose its own way of development and its means to ensure the right to development for its people. This noble principle also implies the importance of upholding international laws and ending imposition and power politics that only obstruct development and the right to development.

As development is a comprehensive process, the right to development should be approached in a holistic and multi-dimensional manner. The right to development is inseparable from other rights, including the right to live in an environment of peace, security and prosperity where no one is left behind. New global development commitments, particularly the comprehensive 2030 Agenda, has brought new opportunities for us to overcome obstacles to development, created a driving force for partnership and paved a more sustainable ground for development and the right to development.

The full enjoyment of the right to development is our shared aspiration. To make this common goal a reality, we must remember that real changes can only happen through cooperation, partnership and with the participation of all stakeholders. Technical assistance, knowledge transfer and resource sharing from developed countries to developing countries are indispensable in this process. Only by joining hands, can we turn our development commitments, particularly the 2030 Agenda, into tangible results. 

As a developing country, Viet Nam has made all-out efforts to ensure the right to development for every Vietnamese. Always placing people at the center of development, we have, indeed, mainstreamed the right to development in our various policies, including in all three dimensions of sustainable development - social, economic and environmental policies. We have also worked tirelessly to create an enabling environment for the most vulnerable groups and ensure equal development opportunities for all people in our country. 

Viet Nam is fully committed to the 2030 Agenda and other development frameworks and willing to work with other Member States to make the United Nations development system “fit for purpose” so that all people in this planet can enjoy their unequivocal right to development.

Thank you Mr. President./.

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