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Full remarks by PM Phuc at reception marking 74th anniversary of National Day
VGP - The following is full remarks delivered by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the reception of the 74th anniversary of Independence Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, held in Melia Hotel in Ha Noi on August 29.






(Ha Noi, August 29th, 2019)

Leaders of the Communist Party, the State and the Viet Nam Fatherland Front,

Excellency Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Excellencies Ambassadors, Charges d’affaires, Heads of Office of international organizations in Hanoi,

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Government and the people of Viet Nam, allow me to extend my warmest welcome to you all to the Reception of the 74th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.  

We are enjoying the serenity of the mild sunny autumn of Hanoi. Also, 74 years ago, in this very moment, the streets of Hanoi were witnessing a most vibrant atmosphere. With the aspiration for independence and freedom, our people have risen to reclaim independence. The oath for “independence” echoed in the hearts of each and every one of us as our beloved leader – President Ho Chi Minh – solemnly read the Declaration of Independence on September 2nd, 1945.

Over the past 7 decades, millions of Vietnamese people, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, have held high our national flag, overcoming countless hurdles in the arduous struggle for national independence and reunification. Viet Nam has made every effort in strengthening international integration, successfully transforming our outdated and war-ravaged economy into a dynamic, thriving one. Our economy now constitutes an important link in the network of regional and global economic value and supply chains. Viet Nam, as an active and responsible member of the international community, has significantly contributed to peace, cooperation and development.

While we take great pride in our persevering efforts and these historic achievements, we shall never forget the effective assistance and precious support from international friends and partners, particularly countries and organizations that you are representing today. On behalf of the Party, the State and the people of Viet Nam, may I express my sincerest gratitude for your warm friendship, valuable support and effective cooperation, and look forward to our continued journey together.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are approaching the end of the first two decades of the 21st century. Despite its recovery, the world economy yet faces numerous risks brought about by protectionism, trade and technological frictions among major economies, and geo-political volatility. While peace is fundamentally maintained, traditional and non-traditional security challenges continue to fiercely emerge, particularly in the Asia-Pacific.

Against this context, each and every country, major and minor alike, has the responsibility to join hands for shared peace and prosperity. Relations between nations should be established on the basis of equality and respect for each other’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and legitimate interests. Disputes should be resolved via peaceful measures in accordance with international law.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the cordial atmosphere today, may I share with you all the burning aspiration within each of us Vietnamese people, yearning for “independence and freedom” throughout our struggle to reclaim the rights to national independence, self-determination and pursuit of happiness. Today, following the footsteps of our forefathers, the Vietnamese people are aspiring for “peace and prosperity”, and confidently striding towards the “stage of glory” to join major powers and friends around the world, thereby realizing the wish of President Ho Chi Minh before his passing 50 years ago.

At the very beginning of 2019 and prior, the Government of Viet Nam identified “discipline, integrity, action, innovation, breakthrough, and effectiveness” as the motto guiding our actions. We are building competitiveness for our country, our businesses and each of our products and services. We are constructing a government of discipline, integrity and actions in service of the people and businesses. We are fostering a favorable business environment to consolidate the trust of the people, and domestic and foreign businesses, thereby “harnessing the strength of the people” to realize the aspiration for a strong and prosperous Viet Nam.

Viet Nam’s development shall be based on economic, political, social and environmental sustainability and inclusivity. It is built on knowledge, technology and innovation, with a view to realizing a digital economy and the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, in which no one is left behind.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Despite domestic constraints, unfavorable international occurrences and devastating natural disasters, the Vietnamese economy has witnessed encouraging outcomes.

- Our GDP growth in 2018 reached 7.08 percent. Based on the results of the first 8 months, it can be projected that we will achieve a GDP growth of 6.7 to 7 percent in 2019, higher than the regional and global average. We stand determined to achieve an even greater growth in 2020.

- As of August 2019, FDI attraction was a highlight of the economy. The accumulated FDI reached an all-time high of around 355 billion USD in 29,550 projects from 132 countries and territories. The total trade turnover in the first 8 months of 2019 amounted to 350 billion USD, with a growth of 8.3 percent and a surplus of 3.5 to 4 billion USD. Viet Nam also welcomed 9.8 million foreign visitors, an increase of 7.9 percent.

- Viet Nam also proactively contributed to regional and world peace. We successfully hosted the 2nd US – DPRK Summit in February 2019. Following the National Assembly’s ratification, the CPTPP Agreement came into force in Viet Nam in January 2019. On June 30th, 2019, Viet Nam and the European Union signed the EVFTA and the EVIPA.

- Together with economic development, the people’s living standards across the country, from major cities to rural, mountainous areas and remote islands were significantly improved. The great national solidarity further consolidated, and defense and security maintained.

- We also enjoyed positive international ratings. Moody’s Report on August 19th, 2019 ranked its outlook on Viet Nam’s banking system as “stable”. The report also projected that Viet Nam would continue to be the “fastest growing economy in South East Asia” until 2020. Viet Nam earned 3 notches to rank 42nd among 129 countries in the World Intellectual Property Organization’s 2019 Global Innovation Index.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are approaching 2020 – an eventful year for Viet Nam. 2020 marks the conclusion of the Socio-Economic Development Plan for 2016 – 2020 with major goals and missions, and the transition to a new phase of high growth in the third decade of the 21st century.

More notably, in 2020, Viet Nam will take on dual international responsibilities: the ASEAN Chairmanship and a non-permanent Membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the 2020 – 2021 tenure. This is the pride of our nation and also our “aspiration”. It is as well a weighty responsibility entrusted by the international community.

On this occasion, on behalf of the Government and the people of Viet Nam, may I express the gratitude towards nations and partners for electing Viet Nam to the United Nations Security Council with a record number of votes. We look forward to your continued cooperation and support to fulfill this noble mission. We also look forward to the cooperation of other ASEAN members during our ASEAN Chairmanship for the success of the ASEAN Vision 2025.

Ladies and gentlemen,

May I call for your continued dedication to promoting the friendship and cooperation with Viet Nam. I hope you and your family will better understand and love Viet Nam, and forever keep fond memories of our country and people.

The Party, the State and the people of Viet Nam hold a firm belief that, with our aspiration and conviction for a peaceful, strong and prosperous Viet Nam with robust international integration, we shall always remain a sincere and loyal friend, a reliable partner, and a responsible member of the international community.

In this cordial atmosphere, I would like to propose a toast:

To a world of peace, stability and prosperity,

To the peace, happiness and prosperity of Viet Nam and her people,

To the sound friendship and cooperation between Viet Nam and other countries, international organizations and friends.

Thank you./.

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