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Unilateral declaration of independence makes the situation in Kosovo and the Balkans more tense
VNGOP – Việt Nam supports the settlement of Kosovo issue in accordance with the Resolution 1244 adopted by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on June 10, 1999 with agreement of relevant parties. Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence did not comply with the UNSC Resolution No. 1244, thus making the situation in Kosovo and in the whole Balkan region more tense, said the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry Spokesman.

Spokesman Lê Dũng made the statement on February 18 while mentioning Việt Nam’s response to Kosovo’s declaration of independence on February 17.

“Việt Nam closely follows the situation in Kosovo and expects related parties hold dialogues and negotiations to settle their disputes in order to come to a comprehensive solution to the matter and ensure the legitimate benefits of the concerned peoples for a lasting peace in Europe and the world at large, which conforms with the basic principles of international law and the UN Charter, including the rule on respecting nations’ sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Mr. Lê Dũng.

He emphasized that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence did not comply with the UNSC Resolution 1244 dated on June 10, 1999 which says a political solution to the Kosovo crisis requires a substantial self-government for Kosovo and an adequate consideration of principles on sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now is the Republic of Serbia) and other countries in the region.

Việt Nam calls for all parties to restrain and make more efforts for a comprehensively and sustainable political solution with the contribution of international community, including the UN, the Spokesman concluded.

Speaking at the UNSC’s emergency meeting on February 17, Ambassador Lê Lương Minh, Vietnamese permanent representative to the United Nations Security Council, stated that Việt Nam persists on its viewpoint that any solution to Kosovo, including the issue on the future status of Kosovo, must be in accordance with the fundamental principles of international law and the UN Charter and provisions of the UNSC Resolution 1244 (1999) that were approved by all parties concerned.

The diplomat stressed that Việt Nam consistently supports and calls on all parties concerned to exercise restraint and use peaceful dialogues to reach a comprehensive, durable political solution that meets the above-mentioned principles and is conducive to peace and stability of not only Kosovo, but also the Balkans, Europe and the world at large, leaving no impacts on the lives of local civilians and the safety of UN officials.

He asked the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to deploy measures to protect ordinary people and UN workers based on this spirit.

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