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President Fidel Castro: A great close friend of VN forever
VNGOP – The Vietnamese people respect decisions by President Fidel Castro and Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power, said Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lê Dũng while answering on February 21 a correspondent’s question about Việt Nam’s reaction to Fidel Castro’s decision not to continue his position as the President of the State Council and the Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Armed Forces.

Mr. Lê Dũng stressed that President Fidel Castro, who successfully led the Revolution on January 1, 1959 that opened up an era of independence and freedom for the Cuban people, has made tremendous dedications to the cause of Cuban national defense and construction, directly leading the Cuban people to overcome numerous challenges and gain important accomplishments in all areas.

“To Cuba, President Fidel Castro is an outstanding leader, the supreme Commander-in-Chief who has steered the Cuban revolution boat towards a beautiful socialist Cuban Fatherland. To the world people who love peace, freedom and justice, Fidel Castro is a faithful friend and a brilliant exemplary companion in their struggles to protect their legitimate rights,” the Spokesman said.

“To the leaders and people of Việt Nam, President Fidel Castro is always a great friend, a very close comrade and brother who has nurtured and developed the traditional friendship, brotherly solidarity between the Vietnamese and Cuban people,” the diplomat confirmed.

He went on to say that the Vietnamese people sincerely thank President Fidel Castro and the state and people of Cuba for their tremendous contributions, whole-hearted support and precious assistance in our past struggle for independence, freedom and national reunification, and our present national construction.

“We fully believe that in any position, President Fidel Castro will continue to devote his intellectuality to the Cuban revolutionary cause, and contribute to further strengthening and developing the traditional friendship, brotherly solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Việt Nam and Cuba,” he added.

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