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Great national solidarity spirit continues to shine
VGP – Below is Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s solidarity message to the virtual music night themed: “Great Circle of Viet Nam – Together our country overcomes COVID-19”, hosted on the evening of September 26.

The COVID-19 pandemic is compared to a dangerous “hurricane” that swept through most countries in the world, irrespective of their borders or economic status, regardless of the race, skin color, age, gender or religious beliefs of their citizens, gravely impacting all aspects of social life. And right at this moment, the whole world is still facing, adapting and searching for a way to defeat the pandemic, even though the journey may still be arduous.

In our country, the pandemic has had complex evolutions since the Delta variant emerged, which caused the pandemic to spread much more quickly and dangerously. We have been through hard times when there were outbreaks in large metropolises and industrial sites. With the goal of protecting the people’s health and lives as the first and foremost priority, the Party and the State were determined to take all measures and mobilize all resources along with the joint efforts and the common will of the People and businesses, as well as the active support of our overseas compatriots and international friends. To date, it could be said that the pandemic is being controlled step by step, even in the epicenter of Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent provinces.  

Nevertheless, difficulties and challenges still lie ahead. The pandemic continues to evolve complexly, and no one could anticipate all situations. Perhaps, there is no prosperity or modern healthcare system in the world that can unequivocally hold up if the pandemic continues to break out more severely. However, it is precisely through this arduous and challenging fight, that we could see the power of compassion and solidarity; of human connection, sharing and profound empathy; of bravery and the selfless sacrifices for the community; of the vigorous will and internal strength to overcome hardships that lies within each person to accompany our nation in defeating the pandemic.

In the world, millions of patients are still fighting for their lives, every hour and every minute. More hauntingly, millions of people have passed away due to the pandemic, leaving behind irreparable pain for their relatives, families and friends. But during that difficult moments, there were songs and melodies filled with warmth and compassion that have resonated across the globe. Music has an incredible significance; it spreads, inspires and motivates; it is a medicine for the mind that helps alleviate sadness, lights up and nourishes hope; it shares affection while connecting hearts and people.

I highly appreciate the initiative and the efforts of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), the Trinh Cong Son Foundation and the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City in hosting the virtual music night – “Great Circle of Viet Nam – Together our country overcomes COVID-19”. I would like to cordially send greetings and extend my thanks to organs, agencies and artists who participated in the show.

The show’s significance extends beyond just a music night: it is the spirit of great national solidarity that continues to shine. No matter where one might be on this Earth, and even though each person may have their own circumstances, perspectives and approaches, the hearts of all Vietnamese people – who carry the Lac Hong bloodline, are always turned toward our roots, and our beloved Fatherland. We have been, and are receiving plenty of spiritual and material support from the benevolent hearts across the world. The Party and the State always appreciate and are grateful for those contributions. All is for the prosperous and happy life of the People, the Party and the State shall maintain high political determination, display substantial efforts and resolutely act with appropriate solutions in order to safely and flexibly adapt to and effectively contain the COVID-19 pandemic while also quickly recovering and promoting socio-economic development.

Our native soil is our home; it is our family, it is compassion; our native soil is our aspirations and our roots; it is a place to turn towards, a place to ponder and to love. The tradition of solidarity, the wisdom, and the benevolent hearts of Vietnamese people across the globe shall gather together and spread, especially during the country’s hard times, serving as the remedies and an important motivating force that help us to prevail in the face of all adversities, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic./. VGP

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