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Fondness of learning encouraged to serve national development
VGP – The 2nd National Congress for Study Promotion was opened on Thursday morning in Hà Nội to review the construction of a studying society in Việt Nam.
Deputy PM Nguyễn Thiện Nhân gives speech at the 2nd National Congress for Study Promotion, Hà Nội, September 25, 2009 - Photo: VGP
In 2008, the PM decided to select October 2 as the Việt Nam Study Promotion Day. In October 2009, the State Steering Committee for building a studying society will be established.
In Việt Nam, study promotion has been widely popularized and brought about many practical benefits, especially creating more
 studying opportunities for people, including the poor, so as to form a study-loving society.
The Việt Nam Study Promotion Society (VSPS) has made great contributions to those achievements through early launching emulative movements on study and talent promotion.
The facts show that study promotion movements have helped to facilitate studying and teaching as well as improve people’s intellectual standards and reduce social evils.
The 2nd National Congress for Study Promotion opens on Thursday, September 25, 2009, in Hà Nội - Photo: VGP
Giving speech at the opening ceremony, Deputy PM Nguyễn Thiện Nhân, who is also Minister of Education and Training, emphasized that education and training development is considered as one of top priorities, the breakthrough field for national industrialization and modernization, and a decisive factor for the country’s development in the era of international integration.
He asked the VSPS to closely work with relevant agencies and organizations in educational activities, especially assisting all citizens to sharpen their skills and knowledge.
On their part, leaders of the VSPS pledged to popularize studying movements, develop more community-based study centers, and offer financial and material assistance to individuals who are facing difficulties in studying.
After 13 years of operation, the Việt Nam Study Promotion Society has now a force of 6,576,571 members. It has developed its branches to 10,709 communes and wards (98.1% of communes and wards nationwide), 152,562 villages and 19,016 schools.
By Hoàng Phương
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