Visa exemption for five nations in Western Europe 14:30 | 22/06/2015

VGP – The Government has issued Resolution No. 46NQ-CP which declares visa exemption for citizens from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italia when visiting Viet Nam.

Govt introduces directions to beef up SOEs restructuring 14:01 | 16/06/2015

VGP – The Government has introduced a string of directions to accelerate the restructuring of the State-owned enterprises, according to its newly-issued resolution.

Decrees issued in May 17:45 | 11/06/2015
VGP - The Ministry of Justice has announced that in May this year, the Government issued 13 Decrees.
Visa exemption for Belarusian citizens 10:49 | 01/06/2015
VGP – The Government has issued a Resolution to exempt visa for Belarusian citizens.
New policies take effect in June 15:55 | 29/05/2015

VGP – New policies on supporting poor ethnic minority, violations on forest environment and exemption of land tax at disadvantaged areas will come into effect since June 2015.

New policies take effect in May 16:32 | 29/04/2015
VGP – New policies on unemployment insurance, selection of investors and one-stop shop mechanism will come into effect since May 2015.
Draft Decree on State investment at businesses under consideration 16:42 | 10/04/2015

VGP – The Ministry of Finance is drafting a Decree on State investment in businesses and management and use of capital and assets at businesses.

Supervising State investment in businesses enhanced 15:40 | 10/04/2015

VGP – The Ministry of Finance is drafting a Decree on supervising State investment and finance in businesses, evaluating effectiveness of their operation and publicly announcing financial information of businesses which the State holds 100% of charter capital and those enterprises invested by the State.

New policies take effect since April 16:00 | 31/03/2015

VGP – New Decrees on increasing wage for low-income officials, autonomy mechanism for non-business public units, conditions to select projects in form of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and projects subject to environmental impact assessment will come into effect since April 2015.

Area codes for fixed lines changed 09:21 | 02/03/2015
VGP – The Ministry of Information and Communications issued Circular 22/2014/TT-BTTTT dated December 22, 2014 on telecommunication number storages, which covers changes to provincial area codes for fixed lines, applicable since March 1.