Plan on sustainable development of private sector ratified
14:15 | 16/10/2019

VGP – The proportion of local enterprises joining the production chain and the global and regional value chain will be raised to be equal to that of the nations taking the lead in ASEAN (ASEAN-4), according to the PM’s recently-approved plan on sustainable development of the private sector till 2025, with vision to 2030, which focuses on six key measures. 

Regulations on non-governmental assistance made public  11:16 | 26/10/2009

VGP – Since January 1, 2010, the Government will generally supervise any activities relating to the management and disbursement of non-governmental assistance, decided the PM. 

Nam Phú Yên EZ: The driving force for southern central coast 19:23 | 23/10/2009
VGP – The Nam Phú Yên Economic Zone, covering 20,730 ha and having modern urban infrastructure, will function as the driving force for the southern central coast and a gateway to the open sea for Việt Nam’s Central Highlands, Southern Laos, Northeast Cambodia, and Thailand.
Gov’t chief ratifies foreign-funded projects 11:07 | 16/10/2009

VGP – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng recently gave nods to some projects sponsored by the World Bank (WB), the Governments of the Republic of Korea (RoK), Denmark and Finland.

Incentives for demobilized soldiers to study 22:21 | 13/10/2009
VGP – Demobilized soldiers who want vocational training will be financed by the State, according to Decision 157/QĐ-TTg of the PM on credits for students.
Post-recession economic restructure highlighted 21:34 | 08/10/2009
VGP – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng on Thursday assigned different Cabinet members to prepare for documents which will be presented to the 12th legislative body at its upcoming 6th sitting session.
More incentives for foreign experts in ODA projects 09:45 | 03/10/2009

VGP – The Government chief yesterday issued a decision on foreign experts working in ODA projects in Việt Nam. Accordingly, those specialists and their relatives will be ensured by the State for equal treatment, properties and legal income during their stay in Việt Nam.  

North European countries finance some projects 21:46 | 01/10/2009
VGP – The PM just ratified the project "Developing the forestry information management system" worth of €4,430,186.
Gov’t chief directs enforcement of health insurance law 16:17 | 29/09/2009
VGP – The PM just delivered a document requiring ministries, agencies and local authorities to ensure the strict enforcement of the Health Insurance Law.
VN to host 7th IEYI 11:08 | 26/09/2009
VGP – The 7th International Exhibition for Young Investors (IEYI 2010) will be organized in Hà Nội from September 21-26, 2010 with the aim of encouraging Vietnamese youths to engage in scientific and technological creations.
Gov’t leaders okay cooperation with Cuba on rice production and transport 11:14 | 25/09/2009
VGP – The PM gave nod to the contents of the draft framework agreement between the governments of Việt Nam and Cuba on the cooperation in rice production in Cuba in the period of 2009-2015.