Two new universities to make debut 17:10 | 24/02/2010
VGP – The PM has just decided to upgrade the Hồ Chí Minh City College of Food Industries to a university and establish the Information Technology and Communications University.
PM okays adjustments to the credit agreement with WB 15:28 | 24/02/2010
VGP - PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng today gave nod to the adjustments, proposed by the Ministry of Health, to the content of the Development Credit Agreement for the World Bank-funded project on medical assistance to the Mekong Delta.
Environment services – an urgent demand 17:07 | 23/02/2010
VGP - Việt Nam is facing severe environment issues in its process of industrialization and international economic integration. Thus, developing environment services becomes an urgent demand for the country.
Decree on credit information activities released 11:16 | 23/02/2010
VGP – The Decree on credit information activities, coming into force since April 15, 2010 on, clearly defines the information sharing among credit organizations, particularly in facilitating borrowers’ access to credit sources.
Corporate tax payment to be delayed three months more 17:42 | 22/02/2010
VGP – The Vietnamese Government recently agreed to delay the corporate income tax payment within three months in order to facilitate operation of the business community and boost the economic development.
Gov’t pledges to back farmers in combating plant diseases 11:20 | 22/02/2010
VGP – The PM has just permitted the nationwide application of the aid to farmers in preventing and exterminating rice grassy stunt virus, rice ragged stunt virus and rice black-streaked dwarf virus.
Regulations on CFS granting renewed 17:37 | 12/02/2010
VGP – The Government chief recently okayed the additional list of 10 ministries in charge of granting and managing the certificates of free sales (CFS) for imports and exports.
Gov’t looks to universal pre-school education in 2015 16:34 | 12/02/2010
VGP – The Government wants to give top priority to the universalization of pre-school education in order to make best preparations for five-year-old children to enter the elementary schools.
Buôn Ma Thuột recognized as first-grade city 16:24 | 09/02/2010
VGP – The PM has just decided to upgrade Buôn Ma Thuột as a first-grade city in the Central Highlands province of Đắk Lắk.
Tough regulations on import of livestock feed 17:39 | 08/02/2010
VGP – All organizations or individuals can only import types of livestock feed named in the list of imports permitted for circulation in Việt Nam. And they have to compensate breeders for damages due to low-quality goods.